NZMA / CMA Registration fees for 2020 - 2021

If you intend to compete at track & feild events within Canterbury and attend all Masters events under the control of NZMA, OMA & WMA, then you MUST select Option 1:

Option 1 (Non-Athletics NZ Club members): 

NZMA Competitive Member (non-club) fee $60.00 + CMA fee $10.00 = $70.00 (includes Vetline)

Just looking to keep involved, but no compete, then select Option 2

Option 2: 

NZMA Social Member (non-club) fee $45.00 + CMA fee $10.00 = $55.00 (includes Vetline)

If you want to compete in track & field events as per Option 1 above, PLUS any non-stadia event organised by Athletics New Zealand, you MUST belong to a club and pay the appropriate fees.

To download a registration from CLICK HERE.  All payment details are on this form.


Option 3 (Athletics NZ COMPETITIVE Club Members):

You DO NOT have to pay a registration fee to NZMA / CMA if you are a Competitive Club member.   You are already eligible to compete in Masters events because you belong to an Athletics NZ Club

ANZ Competitive Members (Club athlete) NZMA / CMA Fee = $0.00 (optional extra: Vetline = $25.00)

However, if you would like to receive copies on the Vetline Magazine, you can purchase this via the NZMA Shop.  PURCHASE Vetline (4 issues for $25.00).

If you are unsure of what membership best suits you, please contact either Andrew Stark.