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The purpose of this website is to keep members informed about what is going on within our Centre and around the country.  Click on the link below for track & field news and results.

With Covid 19 still hanging around, life has yet to return to normal. 
In fact, it won't be for sometime, as we now create a new normal. 
Over the past ten years the number of atheltes joining Canterbury Masters has dropped.  This is due to fewer people getting involved, but also because masters athletes who have joined a club do not need to join Canterbury Masters.  With the creation of the MoU between Athletics New Zealand and New Zealand Masters, club athletes are by default our members as well.  Manh of those members know nothing about Canterbury Masters, but that needs to change.
If we are the keep Canterbury Masters Athletics alive, we need to get there and promote ourselves better. 
Can you help???    Please contact Andrew Stark if you would like to get involved (aws@xtra.co.nz)


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Vetline Magazine:

All members who join Canterbury Masters will automatically receive FOUR copies of the NZ Masters Athletics quarterly magazine 'Vetline' during the year  - January, April, July & October.  If you belong to an Athletics New Zealand club, you will need to purchase Vetline via the shop on the New Zealand Masters website.   To view past issues of Vetline or to purchase four issues, click on the button below.