CMA e-News 2014 - 2015 Season

Friday 21st August 2015

Hi all,

At the recent CMA AGM several topics of interest were discussed.  One of the most important was what would CMA & the 4th WVGT (created by CMA) do with their funds?  Canterbury has been fortunate in the past to have organised events that have been successful.

As President, I suggested that CMA did not need to keep collecting money from you our members, so let's drop the CMA subscription fee of $10.00.  Following a discussion, it was decided to retain the $10.00 CMA subscription, but drop the $45.00 NZMA subscription ... so for this year only it will cost you only $10.00 to join CMA / NZMA

CMA will pay the $45.00 to NZMA for every member that rejoins this year.  With both the SI (Timaru) and NZMA (Dunedin) Track & Field Championships being held in the South Island, it is a good opportunity for previous members to rejoin and take part in these two events.

It was also decided that when the time comes to purchase new equipment for Nga Puna Wai, CMA will approach the 4th WVGT seeking a grant and together we will donate funds to Athletics Canterbury to purchase a specific item. This is a positive way we can make a difference to future generations of athletes.

We made a slight change to 2015-2016 season's programme.  The programme can be downloaded from the Events / Results page.

What's on & when ....

Oceania & Winter Throws Pentathlon Events: 

Bev Church is continuing to run a series of Winter Throws Pentathlons, on the first & last Sunday of each month.  Please contact her if you require more information.

Oceania Track & Field Championship Entries - Rarotonga October 2015:

On-line entries for this event close on 31 August 2015Click here to enter.  You do not need a current NZMA registration number to enter.  If you do enter you must have paid your 2015-2016 registration by 20th September.

South Island Masters Track & Field Championships:  Friday 20th November - Sunday 22nd November 2015:

This event is being organised by CMA and held during an Athletics Canterbury meeting.  I will be creating a LOC for this event, so I am looking for 'helpers'.   You can enter on-line using the tab on the left 'SI 2015 Entry Form'.  The entry form is also the timed programme.  This event is being run within an Athletics Canterbury event- FULL PROGRAMME.

NZMA / ANZ Merger:

The NZMA Board have been talking about a merger with ANZ for years.  It is important that we know what our members want.  Please read the information on the 'NZMA / ANZ Merger' page and give me you feedback.

That's all for now.

Kind regards,

Andrew Stark

Wednesday 5th August 2015

Hi All,

It's that time of the year again ....

CMA AGM - Port Hills Clubroom, Wednesday 19th August 2015 @ 7:30 p.m.:

As you will be aware, my President's report was published in the April issue of Cant-A-Long, so remember to bring that along to the AGM.  While we have had a quiet year, there are a few issues that we will be discussing at the AGM, such as ...

  • Confirmation of 2015-2016 season's programme & CMA membership fee.
  • Organisation of the South Island Masters Track & Field Championships - LOC required.
  • Update on the ANZ / NZMA merger and what it means going forward (Click here for more info ) 
  • What is to be done with CMA & 4th WVGT funds going forward.
  • Update on Nga Puna Wai.

I have attached an agenda for the meeting with current nominations indicated, but we will accept nominations from the floor.  If there are issues you would like added to the agenda, please let me know ASAP. 

Following the meeting there will be a supper. 

South Island Masters Games - Saturday 26 September 2015:

While this event is considered opposition to NZMA organised events, several of you have gone in the past, so why not go again.   Here is a link to their website where you can find a timetable of events.  I know Pat Drayton is planning to go.  If you are looking for somewhere different to stay, check out this place at Mapua .

That's all for now, but remember to look at the most recent CMA e-news below for more information about what's on.

Kind regards,

Andrew Stark

Sunday 20th July 2015

Hi All,

I have finally organised the programme for the South Island Masters Track & Field Championships, which is a combined meeting with Athletics Canterbury.  Cick here of the Programme / Entry form, which is also on the NZMA website.  This week we have a committee meeting when we will be talking about this meeting and at the CMA AGM wil be be forming a LOC to co-ordinate this event.  I will be looking for helpers.

I have also attached a copy of the minutes from the July NZMA Board meeting  for your interest.

I have also created two new pages on this website (just while the NZMA website is being rebuilt). One is about the ANZ / NZMA merger.  I am interested in your feedback and this can be done via the link of this page. The second page is offering Vetline to non-NZMA members.

ANZ Masters Cross-Country Championships - Saturday 1st August 2015:

This event is being organised by Athletics Canterbury and will be held at Halswell Quarry.  NZMA will be using this event to promote our Vetline magazine and talk to non-NZMA members about the reasons why they do not join us.  I will be there in my official role as NZMA President and looking forward to the event.  Good luck to those who are competing.

Oceania Masters Track & Field Championships - Rarotonga (October 2015):

Remember you can enter this event anytime, as per the instruction given in my last e-news below.

For those of you who were able to attend Pete Watt's funeral ... it was a real tribute to Pete to see so many people there.  Glen and the family must have been very proud.

Kind regards & keep warm,

Andrew Stark

Wednesday 8th July 2015

Hi All,

It has been a while since I put pen to paper, but work behind the scenes never stops.  On Saturday 4th July, I had my first NZMA Board meeting as President.  There we discussed how NZMA & ANZ could merge.  I have already been in talks with Linda Hamersley (CEO ANZ) and it is clear that both parites are in favour of a merger.  However, it will only occur if NZMA are no worse off by the move.  There is still quite a bit of work to be done before a decision is made.  At the next ANZ Board meeting held in August, I am hopeful of being able to attend so that I can discuss the concept face to face.

The winter season is well underway, with the Canterbury Cross Country Championships this weekend and the New Zealand Cross Country Championships on 2nd August.  Both events are being held on the Halswell Quarry course.  A few of our runners will be there and I will use this opportunity to talk with the ANZ club athletes (who do not join NZMA) about our possible merger and the benefits for all.

If you look on the NZMA website, you will see that the record pages have had a face lift.  Myself and Chris Thompson (NZMA VP) have been through all the records and we have done our best to come up with the most up-to-date list.  We have particularly focused on the combined event records, re-working the results to create new points totals because of recent age factor changes.  We have also created an appendix for each so that if the age factors change again, we can re-work the points rather  than archive the records.  Have a look if it involves you.  If you think we have missed a performance that should be a record, please let me know.

Winter Throws Pentathlon Series:

During the winter a small group have been conducting a series of throwing meetings.  Thank you to Bev Church for organising this and the Justine Whitaker for send me the results.  These can be seen by clicking here.

Oceania Masters Track & Field Championships - Rarotonga (October 2015):

You can enter this event anytime, whether you are a current member of NZMA or not, provied you pay your 2015-2016 NZMA sub by 20th Spetember.  You can only enter online (Click here).  Please contact me if you need help with this process.  I am going to this event and looking forward to the warmer weather.  Not easy to train during the winter!!

South Island Masters Track & Field Championships - 20th - 22nd November, Aorangi Stadium Timaru:

This event is being organised by CMA and held during an Athletics Canterbury meeting.  I will be creating a LOC for this event, so I am looking for 'helpers'.  Please contact me if you can help   ... remember events just don't happen ... they require work from someone to make them happen.

CMA Season Ahead:

I have redesigned part of this website.  On the 'Events / Results' page you will find the draft programme for the season, to be approved at the Athletics Canterbury and our AGMs respectfully.  I have added a column where the results will be added, rather than having a separate results page.  I have move all previous results to an 'Archived Results' section, which is a sub-page of the 'Events / Results' page.

CMA Members News:

As I am self-employed and keep pretty much to myself during the winter, I do not always hear what is going on in people's life.  Earlier in the year I know of Kevin Brown, John Souter, Ron Fleming and more recently Bob Boland (whose wife Pat is on the Canterbury Executive) all passed away.  All had been involved in masters for sometime.   One of our most active members has also lost his battle with cancer, i.e. Pete Watts who passed away last Friday morning.   If I have missed anyone, I apologise.

If you have information or news that would like others to know about, please let me know.

That's all thre new for now, so until next time ....

Kind regards,

Andrew Stark

Thursday 23rd April 2015
Hi all,

The summer season is over, we have had our Presentation Dinner and the weather is getting colder.  I trust those who attended the dinner had an ejoyable time.  Thank you to all who have helped during the past season. 

During the winter months, several of our members will compete in cross-country and road events ... good luck to those members.

What's on & when ....

Winter Throws Pentathlon Events:

Bev Church is continuing to run a series of Winter Throws Pentathlons, on the first & last Sunday of each month.  Please contact her if you require more information.


The latest issue of Cant-A-Long has been published and distributed.  A PDF version can be viewed on-line.


The records have been up-dated as at today. Please check these records and let me know if any have been missed.

Oceania Track & Feild Championship Entries - Rarotonga October 2015:

On-line entries for this event have not yet opened, but I suspect entries will be required prior to or at about the start of the new season (1st September).  At the next NZMA Board meeting, I will find out the procedure for entries and let you know what we need to do re: using old or new NZMA registration numbers etc.

Until then ... keep warm and I hope your training goes well.


Andrew Stark

Wednesday 4th March 2015

Hi all,

The major local and nation master's championships for the year have now been and gone.  Thank you to those who helped in any way with organising the CMA Championships held at Rawhiti Domain.  It is a far less difficult meeting to organised these days, because we have all the Athletics Canterbury track & field officials already there.  A full set of CMA Championship results is now available.

In appreciation for us being able to compete at Inter-club meetings, CMA applied for funds from the 4th World Veterans Games Trust and together with our own funds we purchased an electronic device for measuring distances which we donated to Athletics Canterbury.

The NZMA Championships were held in Tauranga last weekend.  The meeting was held in very hot conditions and by all accounts it seemed to be an enjoyable event.  We an increase in field event competitors, over and above what was to be expected based on the previous five events, there very some timing issues ... but true to the spirit of masters athletes, the programme continued with adjustments to start times when needed. 

Thank you to all who helped officiate.  I enjoyed the roll as 'Starter's Assistant, which I do here in Canterbury, as it gave me an opportunity to mix and meet athletes from around the country.  However, I would have also hoped to have raced, but on-going injuires stopped me doing that. 

At the NZMA AGM held during the weekend, I was elected President of NZMA, moving up from Vice-President.  The new NZMA Board is keen to review how we do things and how we can improve.  If you have any suggestions, please let me know.

What's on & when ....

CMA Closing Night Meeting - Wednesday 11th March, Rawhiti Domain @ 6:15 p.m.

In recent years, this has been more of a social gathering than a competitor's meeting.  Following the events we will have a simple BBQ and if you can pleae bring some food to share that would be appreciated.  Please make the effort to come ... either to compete or meet socially.

CMA Throws Pentathlon Championships - Sunday 15th March, Rawhiti Domain @ 10:00 a.m.

Bev Church and helpers are organising this event.  Please contact her if you intend to compete, so the necessary equipment is available.  (Telephone 383 5448

Link Relay - Saturday 28th March, Halswell Quarry @ 2:00 p.m.

Team numbers competing in this event have slowly declined over the years and so are the available helpers.  If you are interested in running, the relay is made up of teams of FOUR athletes.  I am considering changing the format to be similar to the Greymouth two person relay, where runners race twice.  More details to follow.  HELP is required to mark out the 2km course, which takes about an hour.  If you can help, please let me know.

CMA Presentation Dinner - Sunday 29th March, Cashmere Club @ 6:00 p.m.

The annual awards dinner is being held a week earlier than usual to avoid a clash with Easter weekend.  The same format is being offered ... a buffet dinner.  It will cost CMA members $15.00 and supporter $25.00.  This is less than the cost price per meal.  We need a minimium of 45 people attending, so please consider coming.  Please let Kevin Prendergast know if you intend to come.  (Telephone 358 7760 or

Cant-A-Long April Issue

As yet I have very liitle copy for the annual April issues.  If you have something to contribute, I would appreciate receiving it from you ASAP.  At present this simply will be an historic record of the results & record breakers for the 2014-2015 season.

South Island Masters Championships, Timaru - Friday 20th November - Sunday 22nd November 2015

This event is being held within an Athletics Canterbury Combined events Championship programme.  This makes the organising of the meeting so muc more simple, plus we have the added bonus of being part of a bigge meeting with more going on around us.  Closer to the time I will present the programme, which may vary from previous years, as the Canterbury Children's Athletics will have use of the venue on Saturday moring.  The North Island Championships are being held a week later in Auckland.

That's all thre new for now, so until next time ....

Kind regards,

Andrew Stark

Thursday 29th January 2015

Hi all,

On Tuesday 27th January I attended a Christchurch City Council hearing regarding submissions for the Nga Puna Wai Sports hub proposal when I presented why CMA & NZMA are supportive of this going ahead(Read my submission) (Read Athletics Canterbury Submission). 

While it is hard to gauge what the councillors were thinking as they gave nothing away, I am hopeful that this project will go ahead, despite the AMP Society strongly against it.  Having had this hearing, we now wait until the select group report back to a full council meeting with their recommendations.  The council staff involved with the project have been working on our behalf to ensure the project does go ahead ... but its out of their control, so we all wait.At the NZMA AGM I will be elected as the new NZMA President, currently I am vice-President.  Mike Weddell has decided to step aside, having been on the Board for about 17 years and more recently as President.  He would like to remain on the committee.  However, this year we have seven standing for five positions, so it will be interesting to see who retains their position and who gets elected for the first time.

Just a reminder that DAY 1 of our CMA Track & Field Championships occurs this Saturday at Rawhiti Domain.  If you have not entere yet .... no problem.  Just turn up on the day.  Following DAY 2 on 7th February we are having BBQ.  If you know of non-competing members or supports who would like to attend please let me know ASAP so final numbers for catering are known.

See you Saturday.


Andrew Stark

Monday 26th January 2015

Hi all,

It's that time of the year again when our own CMA & NZMA Championship events are fast approaching.  Below are some important dates to remember ....

What's On, Where & When .....

NZMA Track & Field Championships 27 February - 1 March 2015 -  ENTRIES CLOSE 23rd January 2015 - NO LATE ENTRIES:

Are you going?  You have until tomorrow night to enter, so get those entries in to avoid missing out.  For some reason, there are NO late entries.  Click here to view the NZMA Entry Form.  The NZMA AGM is being held on Firiday 27th February 2015 @ 12:00 noon (CLICK here for the Agenda).  I would like to know of two people who would be able to attend, as there will be an election for the committee (5 places / 7 nominatees).  Please let me know if that's you.

CMA Track & Field Championships:  Day 1 (31 January 2015) & Day 2 (7 February 2015)

This event is being held within two Athletics Canterbury Saturday Interclub meetings.  We have spread this event over two weekends so that you can have more time between events.  Last year it was not possible to get through all five throwing events (6 throws per event) within the time available.  Click here to view the Entry Form / Timetable of Events.  If you would like to enter, please fill out the form and bring it around on Saturday 31 Januray at least ONE hour before the scheduled start time of your first event or you can e-mail me your entry.  The payment of $10.00 covers the competition fee for both weekends & includes the BBQ following after the end of competition on Day 2 (7 Febuary).  To assist with catering, please indicate if you are coming to the BBQ when making your entry on Day 1.  If you are a non-competing supporter, PLEASE come along to the BBQ at the end of Day 2 (7 February).  The cost is only $5.00.  E-mail or ring me on 338 0516 if you plan to attend.

Previous Events / Results:

Late last year the Jack King Memorial Throws Pentathlon was held at Rawhiti Domain.  Click here to view the results.  Thank you to Rick & Ann Davision & Bev Church for organising this event and to the helpers who came along to measure / record results.  I will compile a list of CMA performances for the April Cant-A-Long, but until then you can view the interclub results on the Athletics Canterbury website.

The CMA Christmas gathering occurred on Wednesday 17 December 2014. There was a small turnout and thank you again to Bev Church for organising this event (in my absence).  Are these meetings to continue, given the numbers that attend?  Something that we need to review each year.


With many masters athletes avoiding Rawhiti Domain, the number of records that CMA members break each year is declining.  So far, only Rick Davison (Discus / hammer) and Nick Bolten (60m) have broken records at Rawhiti Domain.  Tony McManus broke the CMA M65 1500m record at the South Island Championships.  If there are others who have broken CMA records that I don't know about, please let me know and apologies for missing you out if I have! Unfortunately Barbara Bird would have broken the W75 Javelin record had the ground been level.  We are making adjustments at Rawhiti Domain, to allow her to throw the javelin into an area that will allow a record to be accepted.  An up-to-date list of records will be posted on this website soon.

Nga Puna Wai and Canterbury Agricultural Park Managment Plan Submission:

On Tuesday 27 January I will be fronting up to the submissions hearing at the Christchurch City Council building, along with representative from Athletics New Zealand, Canterbury Childrens & the New Brighton Olympic Athletics Club.  Our message is clear .... we need a track ASAP.  I will report back when I know more.

Cant-A-Long Articles:

If you have any news or reports about events you have attended, I am already collecting information for the next Cant-A-Long ... even though it's not due out until April next year.  So please send them in ...

Until next time.

Kind regards,

Andrew Stark

Tuesday 9th December 2014

Hi all,

It's hard to believe that it's almost Christmas and the end of 2014.  The track & field season is well underway.  So far there have been very few CMA members competing at Rawhiti Domain at the Saturday Interclub meetings, but hopefully numbers will improve in the new year.  What I can report is that Rick Davison has broken two Canterbury records:  M65 Hammer (40.22m) & Discus (39.43m).  Nick Bolton has broken his own M40 Canterbury 60m record (7.84). 

As yet, I have not had a close look at the results from the North Island or South Island Championships.  If you think you have broken a Canterbury record at either of those meetings, please let me know.

What's On, Where & When .....

Open 10000m Championships - Saturday 10th December 2014 @ Rawhiti Domain:

This weekend the Open Athletics Canterbury 10000m Championships are being held at Rawhiti Domain.  Last year, only masters athletes ran this event.  Will it be like that again this year?

CMA Christmas Break-up Meeting - Wednesday 17th December @ Rawhiti Domain, 6:15 p.m.

For the first time in years, I will be unable to attend this meeting as I will be away, so I have left members of your committee to organise what's on.  The format will be as before .... a few events, followed by a social gathering with a shared supper.  I hope the meeting goes and well and that you all have a good holiday break ... ready for action next year.

Draft Changes to the Nga Puna Wai and Canterbury Agricultural Park Managment Plan:

Submission re: these changes are due in by 12th December 2014.  As Chairman of the Athletics Canterbury Track & Field Committee I have been invoolved in their submission supporting the proposed changes.

I have also prepared a CMA submission which you are welcome to read and requested speaking rights on your behalf.  If you have comments that you think I should make, please e-mail them to me.  If we do not support this proposal, it will further delay the process, so I have included all current CMA member's names with my submission.  Those who attended the opening CMA meeting were in favour of the plan and I am sure the rest of you are all keen to have a replacement track for the damaged QEII built ASAP.  

Member's News:

Late last month Brian Keown's wife Violet passed away, following a long illness.  During this time Brian was 'chief' carer, which has restricted his running somewhat. 

During the weekend, Rona Smith who was a long time member / supportor of CMA passed away, just two weeks short of her 96th birthday.  Rona was the mother of Bev Church, Alison Wright & Diane Underwood, all current or past CMA members.

The funeral is to be held this Thursday at 10:00 a.m. (Lamb & Hayward - Westpark Chapel, 467 Wairakei Road).  Many of you will have competed with or watched Rona compete, so if you are able to attend I am sure her family would appreciate your company. 

 On behalf of CMA I would like to pass on our deepest sympathies to the families of Brian and Rona.

Cant-A-Long Articles:

If you have any news or reports about events you have attended, I am already collecting information for the next Cant-A-Long ... even though it's not due out until April next year.  So please send them in ...

Until next time.

Kind regards,

Andrew Stark

Monday 13th October 2014

Hi All,

Last week I sent out a mini-newsletter vai post.  Thank you to those who replied.  The most important meesage is that you need to pay your registration fees now, especially if you are planning to go to the South Island Masters Track & Feild Championships.

Registrations are NOW due - $55.00 ($45.00 NZMA / $10.00 CMA):

Payments can be made by direct credit into our CMA account:  11 7800 0053698 11

Please use your name as a reference to appear on our bank statement.  If paying by cheque, send it to ...

Kevin Prendergast

25 Dunrobin Place


Christchurch 8042

What's On, Where & When .....

CMA Opening Day - Rawhiti Domain: Wednesday 15thOctober 2014 @ 6.15 p.m.

I have had a request for the discus throw and shot put to be on, so those will be the two field events.  On the track we will start with 60m & 100m and either an 800m or 1500m,  Depending on who turns up, we can decide on the other event on the night.  Remember to bring a plate for ashared supper / gathering after the meeting.

Please Reply:  As mentioned in my paper newsletter, I am interested to see who reads this CMA E-mail and if I have the correct e-mail addresses for our members.  So to help me out, justCLICK HEREand an automatice e-mail reply will appear ... then send.

That's all for now.  See some of you Wednesday.

Kind Regards,


Wednesday 17th September 2014

HI All,

The season is almost upon us.  At the August CMA AGM the new committee for the year ahead was selected.  There are three fewer members than last year, so if you are interested in becoming involved, please let me know. Thank you to those who have been willing to stay involved.  As we are not hosting any championship events in our region this season, the Committee meetings will be few and far apart, i.e. only as and when regarded.

Registration due NOW:

At the AGM it was agreed to keep the CMA registration fee at $10.00.  Combined with the NZMA registration fee, the total annual registration fee remains at $55.00.  This is due now and can be paid directly into the CMA bank account (Click here for details). Please remember to use your name as a reference.  Alternatively you can send a cheque directly to Kevin Prendergast (Address details).

Just a reminder of What's On, Where & When .....

Oceania Throws Pentathlon Challenge - Sunday 28th September 2014, Rawhiti Domain @ 10:00 a.m.:

If you are interested in taking part,please contact Bev Church on 383 5448.  The cost remains at $10.00, for which you get a copy of the results, plus a certificate.

2014 - 2015 INTERCLUB / CMA Season's Programme:

As per year year, we will be joining in with the Athletics Canterbury Saturday Interclub programme, but will retain three stand-only Wednesday night CMA meetings (Click here for the Season's Programme).  I have suggested that the Jack King and CMA Throws Pentathlon Championsip events could also be held on a Saturday afternoon rather than a Sunday morning.  The final decision about that, can be made by the throwers, so you to left me know your perference. 

The holding of our CMA Track & Field Championships was discussed at length and it has been decided to hold this event over TWO Saturdays (January 31st 2015 & February 7th 2015)  to provide those competing the best opportunity to enter all the events they are interested in AND to ensure that our throwers can have six throws per event, yet finish on time without having to rush.  As usual the 5000m, 10000m & Steeplechase Championship events will be held on various Saturdays throughout the season.

South Island Track & Field Championships - Dunedin 28th - 30th November 2014:

To enter this event, you must have paid your registration fee to Kevin Prendergast BEFORE entering.  Click here for theProgramme& theEntry Form.  Good luck to those who attend.

Members Welfare:

I am aware of several of our members having various health issues.  As an aging population, this is something we all have to deal with.  I hope knowing that your CMA friends are thinking of you helps ... so please support each other as best you can.

Unitl next time ...

Kind regards,

Andrew Stark

Friday 15th August 2014

HI All,

Just a reminder of What's On, Where & When .....

CMA AGM - Wednesday 20th August, Port Hills Club Rooms @ 7:30 p.m.

Please remember that the AGM is on next Wednesday ...  Please bring your copy of Cant-A-Long magazine along to this meeting, having first re-read my President's report.


Andrew Stark