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Tuesday 10th October 2018

Hi All,

Finally, the website has been repaired so that I can now communicate with you all.  The World Masters Track & Feild Championships held in Malaga occurred during September.  In the next issue of Vetline there is a full report of how the New Zealanders performed.  There were mixed results for those from Canterbury.  The issue of trying to perform well out of season at a WMA Championship will always be a challenge.  I was there and regardless of how athletes performed, going to such events is a great experience, plus you get an opportunity to see other places in the world.

Back to our world now .... FINALLY the Nga Puna Wai Sport Hub facility will be available for use, as from 20th October 2018.  As I have been involved in the process for almost three years, it has been a real challenge to achieve what we have.  Athletics Canterbury has already committed over $200k in new equipment, plus a further $150k in the infra-structure costs. 

Canterbury Masters has been able to assist by donating $35k from our funds, plus we obtained $25k from the Fourth World Veterans Trust.  We also had several members, who together donated a further $36k.  As President of Athletics Canterbury and Chairman of the Track & Field Committee, I would sincerely like to thank the Canterbury Masters community for their assistance. 

However, it is never too late to donate, so if you can help out, please make your donation to Athletics Canterbury.  CLICK HERE to read a flyer about what the funds are being used for. 

Westpac:  03 0802 0046350 002

Now the new season is about to start, it is time for those non-Atheltics NZ (ANZ) club affiliated members to rejoin, i.e. REGISTRATIONS are due now for athletes wishing to compete for our Canterbury Masters Athletics (CMA) club at local, provincial and national level.  (please CLICK HERE to register for the season).

As the software for the website has changed, I am not sure how to upload PDFs.  I will stop this report and write more once I find out what I need to know.


Andrew Stark